Interview With Environmental Artist Franke James (part the 2nd)

/ Saturday, June 9, 2012 /

Here's the second part of my freewheeling interview with environmental artist and activist Franke James. We discuss the pro-active philosophy that guides her visual essays, including her most recent essay 'What's Harper Afraid Of?' Which has generated more that 5,300 letters to the PM, her workshops and the lack of ethics and common sense that drive Progressive Conservative policies. In conversation she's as spirited and fun as her visual essays.

This podcast is from my morning radio show and includes the audio from Naomi Klein's TED talk (posted below), some really great jazz (John Coltrane, Miles Davis) and some odds and ends. The interview with Franke starts at around the 51 minute mark and the brilliant Naomi Klein talk around the 14:30 mark, wherein she discusses what she politely calls our addiction to risk - addiction to stupidity and greed would be more apt.

Through Franke James' web site you can go sign in and send Mr. Harper a letter telling him you're tired of his war on Canada's environment.

Franke James beside her Dear Prime Minister Please Stop Blacklisting poster is holding a page from the government ATIP document



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