Stealth Fighter Has "Problems"

/ Tuesday, January 4, 2011 /
I could do a ten part blog piece with endless links to why the past year - which I've named year of the wanker -- sucked!

 Here in Canada we've been saddled with a party of ideologues to lead the nation and implement policy. Combine that with feckless opposition from the Liberals and the ineffectual NDP and you have a perfect storm for shoving right wing policy down the throats of Canadians. And the best part (so far as Tories are concerned) is no one really noticed except for the dirty hippies writing in the Canadian progressive blogosphere.

One of the many objectionable moves by the federal Conservatives was to invest some $16 to $18 billion on 65 Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighters -- the maintenance costs are included in that price as they are a massively important part of those figures. is reporting that the F-35 has a number of “problems.”
For instance, its engine shoots out sparks, and no one can figure out why. It is generally thought a bad idea for an engine to do that. There are several different types of F-35, and the vertical lift version of the aircraft doesn’t work very well. It seems the fan that cools the engine, doesn’t, and the panels that open for the vertical thrust, don’t. Also switches, valves and power systems are considered “unreliable.”
There's lots more at the link, just scroll down and while you're doing that ask yourself why the Canadian media isn't focused on this. There are a large number of places where this kind of money could do a lot of good, particularly Canadian health care. Why do the Tories never get called on this crap by the Canadian media?



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