The Warmongers Are On The March

/ Tuesday, November 8, 2011 /
Remember the Iraq war? Wasn't all that murder and torture awesome? Didn't taking out Saddam make the world a better place, help the economy to hum along smoothly and unite us all in one glorious, orgasmic moment of unity and brotherhood? No?

Well get ready boys and girls because the people who brought us the quagmire in Iraq are planning to bring us more war, this time with Iran and they are assuring us that this time, for sure, it will all go smoothly. Here just for you, through the magic of the internets is a play by Tim Robbins called 'Embedded.' It's terrific and also a timely reminder of what war brings. There are no good wars.

Give this some time to load before playing, it's well worth the effort. Enjoy!




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