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/ Tuesday, November 8, 2011 /
I wish I could get it all together: the radio show, the podcast and the blog. Truth is I do it alone and simply run out of steam and so I keep my primary focus on the radio show and offering up an alternative to the bilge that the media spews forth daily. It's simple, if you want to remain informed all you need is the desire coupled with the digital media. I'm going to start offering up my heavily linked posts once again as a tool for you and for myself so I can bring some sort of order to my radio show.

The U.S. State Department has announced that their chief investigator will review the Obama administration's handling of a Canadian company's request to pipe oil from western Canada to Texas, following complaints from 14 U.S. lawmakers. The review will look at the Keystone XL pipeline approval process, the controversial $7 billion project, a 2,735 kilometer pipeline proposed by Calgary-based TransCanada, and whether the State Department "and all other parties involved" in the project followed federal laws and regulations. This comes on the heels of  a protest on Sunday that saw more than 12,000 people show up to form a human chain around the White House in protest of the pipeline.

It's also worthy of note that one of the world's leading climatologists, James Hansen of NASA, says that so far as what little chance we have of stabilizing climate and avoiding the most disastrous global climate impacts if the tar sands are thrown into the mix it is essentially game over. Our Prime Minister, by the by, believes this all to be a "no-brainer." Awesome choice of words dude!

Our PM, Harper stated that we would not recognize the country after he was through and clearly on his agenda is the dismantling of Canada's social safety net. In Harper's Canada the right to strike has been taken away from ordinary Canadians.

Here in Quebec we're convinced that the Progressive Conservatives are completely uninterested in ever winning Quebec seats in parliament in the near future.

Internationally there is no more important story than the current ramping up of tensions between western powers and Iran. There has been a long stated desire by the neo-cons to wage war on Iran ever since they blundered their way into Iraq and created a power vacuum benefiting the Iranians. Just as it was before the Iraq war we are reading stories about statements being leaked anonymously that are surefire evidence of a nuclear weapons program under way that is the "greatest threat" to democracies everywhere!

The notion Iran would work to attain nuclear weapons in order to deploy them against Israel, the United States, or anyone else is a "virtual impossibility." It would be suicide as they would find themselves incinerated in a retaliatory nuclear attack. It is the same use of fear and lies that we witnessed before the Iraq war and as Seymour Hersh wrote in the New Yorker that “despite years of covert operations inside Iran, extensive satellite imagery, and the recruitment of Iranian intelligence assets, the United States and its allies, including Israel, have been unable to find irrefutable evidence of an ongoing hidden nuclear-weapons program in Iran.”

 Those are the lead stories for Tuesday's show -- tune in here at 8 AM for lots more.




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