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/ Friday, June 3, 2011 /
Good to see some people can see through Supreme Leader's sinister snicker, too bad she lost her job for writing her mind.
Senate Page with STOP HARPER sign.


Anonymous on: September 30, 2011 at 3:11 PM said...

Mr. McGuinty, Mr. Murray, do you know this man?, because you gave him $341,644.

Mr. McGuinty, do you know McKenley Esnard? I hope so. Because you gave him $341,644. $341,644 of Ontario Taxpayer Money.

Minister Murray, do you know McKenley Esnard? I hope so. You see, you’re quoted in his company’s press release of August 25th, 2011 talking about how “proud” you are to support companies like his (see attached report).

You know who does know McKenley Esnard? The Ontario Securities Commission. They know him. Why? Because they’re investigating him. The file number is # 20110926-8862.

Do you know who DOESN’T KNOW McKenley Esnard? The Harvard Business School doesn’t. That’s who doesn’t know him, even though he claims to have a Harvard MBA. Call their Registrar’s Office and see for yourself. (see attached report)

You know who else DOESN’T KNOW McKenley Esnard? The University of Toronto and the University of Vermont. They don’t know him even though McKenley Esnard claims to have three (3) PhDs from these schools (see attached report)

In total, our investigation found fourteen (14) fraudulent misrepresentations in his professional biography. (see attached report)

As the Chairman of the Board of ENPAR Technologies, the company you gave $341,644, McKenley Esnard is raising money – our money – using fraudulent credentials. That’s a material violation of Securities regulations. That’s why the OSC is investigating McKenley Esnard.

Fake credentials. Real money. Our money.

C’mon Dalton. C’mon Minister Murray. Ontario Taxpayers deserve better.

Stop the Fraud Now!

Ontario Taxpayers Revolt

Anonymous on: January 21, 2012 at 7:39 PM said...

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