DAY SEVEN: Stephen Harper Tires Of Democracy

/ Friday, April 1, 2011 /
I'm having a difficult time not writing about Stephen's petulance as if he were some whiny assed titty-baby. His contempt for his opponents, the Canadian people and democracy in general have been difficult to watch during the first week of the campaign. He's apparently decided that at campaign stops he's only going to answer five questions. That's it! Five questions and no more, and the media is to be kept in a cage away from wherever he is. Can't you just smell the transparency and accountability that Harper has brought to Ottawa these past five years?

 Now he's decided he's fed up altogether with the democratic process, and elections and wants to eliminate the per-vote taxpayer subsidies. I probably don't have to tell you this but getting rid of the subsidy would hurt Harper's rivals more than his own party as the Conservatives remain the most proficient party at fundraising. So why not give his party an extra decided edge? It's what the Republicans would do.
Mr. Harper was almost defeated when he previously tried to scrap this subsidy in 2008, a bid that triggered a coalition between the Liberals and NDP, backed by the Bloc Québécois. The alliance was set to topple his government when the Tory chief temporarily suspended Parliament to save his skin
Of this latest move Jack Layton asked rhetorically, "Do we want to go back to the days where money, and those who can finance campaigns, determine the nature of our democracy?” Rhetorically because we know Harper's answer to that question -- he doesn't like questions!

Mr. Duceppe noted that the Conservative leader is “not a great democrat. It runs against democracy. Parties trying to break through, like the Greens, would have practically no means. That guy would be happy with no opposition and no Parliament.”

This is the guy who wants Canadians to give him a majority so then he'll be answerable to no one. A considerably far more frightening prospect than the dreaded so-called coalition. I hope Canadians are paying attention.




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