Down The Memory Hole - 2010 Sucked! Part Two

/ Thursday, January 6, 2011 /
I was trying to say in the previous post that I'm not a big fan of year end lists and  it doesn't always make sense with the news as there are the stories that will continue to play out and those that have played out. At the top of my mind for the year's most important story has to be the pace at which global warming is affecting the world's weather systems and how the climate this year mimicked the most alarming of the climate models predictions for the course climate change would take. It was an eye-opening year in climate science with seemingly innumerable scientific studies and predictions that point credibly to the fact that human civilization might be on the precipice. At the link posted above you will find reports from the most prestigious scientific organizations and what is being written there about the speed at which all of this is taking place.

 An important part of this is that the general public continues to ignore this story, with the help of the press of course. The voters are ill-served by a corporate friendly media, hoodwinked by special interest groups and their political allies who have a stake in things not changing, and so the public at large has been convinced into not doing anything at all. The science of what is coming is unequivocal -- unrestricted greenhouse gas emission's threaten catastrophe by the end of this century with MIT doubling their original estimate of global temperatures to increase by then by 5.1 degrees Celsius.

There is so little leadership from politicians on this issue that it is hard to fathom what it is they are reading. Here in Canada the Tories just appointed someone to the environmental portfolio who is guaranteed to do nothing. It's as if no one wants to have grand-kids and great grand-kids.

"Two pencils and a pair of underpants," is more than what North American politicians are bringing to table to help deal with the climate crisis!




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