Mayhem Part I

/ Monday, December 13, 2010 /
Pro-War Propaganda From The Globe and Mail

Barack Obama’s high-risk war wager that sent tens of thousands of U.S. troops surging into Afghanistan is showing signs of success, U.S. officials say. The raging Taliban insurgency is being defeated, but foreign troops are still years away from heading for the exit. “Our joint efforts are paying off,” said Robert Gates, U.S. Secretary of Defence.

Canadians "Divided" About Afghan Mission

A strange story about how an Angus Reid survey finds that 48 per cent of respondents to a poll support the government’s decision to keep soldiers in a non-combat role in Afghanistan while 44 per cent disagree. The strange part is that the same poll finds that 56 per cent of overall respondents oppose Canada’s current military mission in Afghanistan, while 36 per cent are supportive.

Makes you wonder how they phrase their questions.

Violence Rises Ahead of US Review of Afghan War

Six U.S. troops were killed Sunday when a man rammed a minivan packed with explosives into a newly built military installation in Kandahar Province, U.S. and Afghan officials said. A NATO airstrike killed at least 25 in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday, while violence elsewhere left 22 civilians dead in a wave of attacks days before the White House issues a review of U.S. war strategy, officials said.


The modest deal wrangled out by the 200 countries meeting at the Mexican resort of Cancún may have done more to save a dysfunctional UN negotiating process from collapse than protect the planet against climate change, analysts said today.

To give you an idea of where things are headed vis-à-vis taking action on Global Warming, both the Liberals and the NDP called the Cancun climate talks a success even though the meeting concluded with no binding agreement for reducing greenhouse gases.

The Bolivians hold a unique point of view on the direction the talks should have taken: The Bolivian government and its grassroots allies wanted a binding agreement that would force significant reductions in greenhouse gases. They wanted an agreement that respected indigenous rights. They wanted an agreement grounded in a new concept -- the rights of nature -- that acknowledges that she who gives us life and abundance has as much right to exist as humans.

And from over at Climate Progress, a story about climatologists are speaking out because they are convinced now more than ever that Global Warming poses a clear and present danger to civilization. Maybe it;s because the evidence has been piling up for quite some time. And speaking of piling up, the snow has been doing just that locally and in Europe and in parts of the U.S. so that means the always predictable climate science deniers are busy claiming this falling white stuff is proof of no climate change, so here's a reminder that even while Global Warming is happening there will still be winter and snow -- here's why.

A story from CTV about how scientists say polar bear moms and their cubs near Churchill in northern Manitoba are suffering the worst effects of a late freeze-up of sea ice on Hudson Bay. This is just one more grim reminder of the effects of Global Warming. The bears are currently making their way out on weak ice. Only 17% of Hudson's Bay was frozen at the end of November as opposed to the usual 50% for this time of year. hands out awards for the 5 most heinous climate villains. Go check and see if your favourite idiot is on the list.



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