Tom Flanagan: Punk At Large

/ Tuesday, December 7, 2010 /
I spend a great deal of time editing myself in this blog and on my radio show. My fear is about sinking to the level of people like Tom Flanagan, the former advisor to Stephen Harper and yet I wonder if I am being too damned prissy. He is quite bluntly a scumbag and when the revolution comes I believe he and his ilk will be the first to be put up against the wall -- and deservedly so.

 The fact that he feels he can with impunity make threats against Julian Assange says everything one needs to know about where our country is heading under continued Tory rule. The elite and the police can do as they please and the rest of can expect to be harassed for trying to stand up for our rights and things we believe in.

Witness Flanagan's response to Janet Reymond who says, according to Bill Graveland of the Globe and Mail,  ...she felt “justifiably outraged” after Tom Flanagan mused on a CBC political talk show last week that the founder of WikiLeaks should be killed. So she e-mailed Mr. Flanagan after his televised comment and he sent back a one-sentence reply that said simply, “Better be careful, we know where you live.”

As he did in the case of his comment about Julian Assange he will no doubt claim that he was just kidding because this is what cowards do. And Tom Flanagan is the worst kind of coward. He will likely hide behind the skirts of the powerful for whom he worked and who are his allies. There will be no consequences for his intemperate speech and veiled threats. Like any street punk with no courage of his own but the weight of numbers to back him up he spits out obscenities safe in the knowledge he'll never be called out to defend his words... unless of course one day he stumbles into the wrong neck of the woods and there's no there to stick their neck out to defend him.

Speaking of pompous blowhards,

Net Neutrality

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The idea of maintaining net neutrality as it already exists is so as to prevent phone and cable companies blocking, slowing down, or discriminating against internet traffic over their broadband networks. Maintaining net neutrality was one of the Obama administrations top campaign pledges to the technology industry and the issue is headed for a showdown over rules to ensure an open internet. The Federal Communications Commission confirmed last week that it will vote on a net neutrality proposal at its December 21 meeting.

The plan outlined by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski includes five basic points: meaningful transparency; a ban on blocking lawful apps and services; a ban on unreasonable network management; an allowance for a certain amount of ISP network management; and rules governing wireless that calls for transparency and a basic no-blocking rule.
Two Republican commissioners Robert McDowell and Meredith Attwell Baker have already said they oppose the chairman's "reckless" proposal which they will be asked to vote on, so the plan must have some merit. has the rundown.
The plan includes a ban on unreasonable network management and an allowance for some network policing. Blocking BitTorrent or Netflix or another program that eats up bandwidth? Unreasonable. Monitoring and adjusting your network to manage peak usage times or block harmful things like viruses and child porn? Go for it. "Reasonable network management is an important part of the proposal, recognizing that what is reasonable will take account of the network technology and architecture involved," Genachowski said.
From 15 facts about net neutrality:


Good News Canada Fourth Best At Bringing About Climate Change

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I've never been so proud to have been conceived on the land mass commonly known as Canada. According to the CBC Canadians are the fourth in the race to bring about climate change. Only Saudia Arabia, Kazakhstan and Australia are doing more. But I'm sure with Fearless Leader showing us the way and if we all pull together as a team I won't have to shovel in no time and we'll finally be able to discover that allusive northwest passage. So don't forget to warm up your car a good long time before you get in, it's the little things that count and add up to fun in the sun. It's all a big illusion to think we can fix it now so if we are all going to hell in a thermal heatwave we might as well enjoy the ride.

The Calgary police are investigating the comments of Tom Flanagan, who said that Julian Assange  should be assassinated.

Suicide bombers killed fifty people in Pakistan attending a meeting to create a militia to fight the Taliban.

Enough news its all bad, off hand this is the only song a could think of that mentions snow that doesn't include elves,rain dear and such.

Can't have Little Feat with out Lowell and it's the perfect hot coco after shovelling song.

Some kind of Metaphor I think.

The lyrics or an abridged section I was going to put the whole song but I forgot how many lines there are so throw a stone to find a link.

"Throwing Stones"
Words by John Perry Barlow; music by Bob Weir

Picture a bright blue ball, just spinning, spinnin free,
Dizzy with eternity.
Paint it with a skin of sky,
Brush in some clouds and sea,
Call it home for you and me.
A peaceful place or so it looks from space,
A closer look reveals the human race.
Full of hope, full of grace
Is the human face,
But afraid we may lay our home to waste....

Commissars and pin-stripe bosses
Roll the dice.
Any way they fall,
Guess who gets to pay the price.
Money green or proletarian gray,
Selling guns 'stead of food today.

So the kids they dance
And shake their bones,
And the politicians throwin' stones,
Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down.
Ashes, ashes, all fall down.

Heartless powers try to tell us
What to think.
If the spirit's sleeping,
Then the flesh is ink

History's page will thus be carved in stone.
And we are here, and we are on our own....



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