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/ Sunday, December 5, 2010 /
Watching an old movie Watch On The Rhine, about some folks trying to get the word out about the evil Nazi's. The more things change...

Looks like our fearless leader Mr. Harper gave the personal ok to $7,400 worth of drinks for civil servants and some fancy shindig. All the un savoury details can be found at this link. Not sure how this is going to help get rid of the deficit, but I doubt Fearless Leader really cares past that it sounds good when he's trying to get votes.

Canadian troops are going on the offensive in Kandahar, Operation Baawar, thats assurance in Pashto. I can see the adds now, "Your in good hands with Canada, till we turn you over to the Afghan army anyways.'' This is reportedly the last one for Canadian army before they focus on training the Afghan army. Last week several, seven I believe were killed by a disgruntled pro-Taliban Afghan trainee. The mission might not be as pleasant as Fearless Leader makes it out.

According to Wikileaked files it appears European Union President Herman Van Rompuy told U.S. ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman that the EU no longer believes in the success of the Afghan mission.

Fearless leader doesn't like polar bears or humanity it seems because he seems to be doing his best to screw up the Kyoto accord at the meetings this weekend in Jamaica. I can't seem to find a link,but I heard on the radio so it must be true.

My pizza is getting cold but one last video, sent out to Wikileakers everywhere.

Video Blogging

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My favourite kind of blogging is when people I admire put it all in a speech and make all the points I wanted to make in a nice tight 13 minutes. In this case it's the remarkable Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, who talks about the war being waged against the middle class by the the legion of Republicans who happily do the bidding of the wealthy and corporate classes. This is the kind of speech that the MSM goes well out of  their way to ignore and failing that, marginalize. It's damning in every sense of the word and it's a wonder that Americans spend so much time fighting each other when the real enemy is right in front of their noses 24/7 on the box every day of the week!

And I'm Back!

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Every couple of weeks or so I get a little burned out and have to take a couple of days off. Sorry.

 There was a terrific interview of Noam Chomsky from the people about the WikiLeaks document dump, the subsequent assault on Julian Assange and the lack of respect for democracy from all the self-serving politicians crying foul over the revelations that I thought you all should get a chance to listen to:

Part 2:



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