This Is What Happens When You Live In A World With No Opposition

/ Saturday, November 13, 2010 /
According to Prime Minister Harper there is no need for a vote in the House of Commons concerning the extension of the Afghanistan mission.The reasoning being that since (they believe) this is strictly a training, non-combat the Prime Minister has the power to so send them young men and women. With no opposition to say other wise looks like it's a done deal. 

Bob Rae liberal foreign affairs critic had this to say, "If it truly is a non-combat mission, and we're looking at a training mission, then to require a vote on something like that would be very unusual," Rae said. "We have troops in the West Bank, we have troops in Africa, we have troops in lots of places where we're doing training, and there's never been a requirement for a non-combat mission that I'm aware of to have a parliamentary vote."
Notice he said if this is a truly non-combat, seems like a pretty big IF. But hey at least we could say that we were there when Kabul fell.
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