You Must Be Proud John Murphy!

/ Tuesday, October 26, 2010 /
Driving home from the radio show at 10 AM Monday morning I heard that Omar had pled guilty to the crimes the Americans had accused him of. I was hoping this would happen because it would signal that a plea deal had been reached and instead of a life sentence he would receive eight years or so based on the reports that have been in the media for the past week. I wasn't relieved or happy because as Khadr's lawyer had said this is not justice for the young man who has already spent a full third of his life unjustly incarcerated. I was sickened by his having been railroaded, by the apathy shown by not only the Canadian government but also by the Canadian public.

 If people don't understand that this once 15 year old child was a product of his environment then they understand nothing -- and that's if you're credulous enough to believe the charges which I am not. I think one of the things that disgusted me most was after the admission Khadr was forced to make there was the unseemly gloating of the prosecutor John Murphy, who said afterwards, “Omar Khadr is not a victim. He’s not a child soldier. He’s convicted on his own words.”

Right! Words forced out of him under the threat of imprisoning him for life. Words that were the result of eight years worth of imprisonment and inhumane treatment which included torturing a 16 year old child. So, you should be so very proud John Murphy -- hell of a victory! You and the rest of your torturing lying pals are a real brave bunch. No doubt your Mom would be proud.

  And it actually gets worse. Aside from the fact that hey had the widow in court dressed in black and weeping as part of their Kabuki kangaroo court production, today they made Omar say all kinds of ridiculous and impossible things.

Were you aware he conspired directly with Osama bin Laden and did the Snoopy "happy dance" every time an American was killed? And even though money was never an issue he dreamed of killing as many Americans as possible for the princely sum of $1,500 per? He could do this because he had received special one-on-one private terrorist training directly from Al-Qaeda in how to use rocket-propelled grenades, assault rifles and improvised explosive devices during training in Afghanistan and do the Al-Qaeda "Death To America" victory dance. He also pleaded guilty to conspiracy, providing material support to terrorists and spying. When the Americans picked up this whirling dervish of a terrorist they helped to make the world a much safer place. If he had not  been caught they most definitely would have lost the war in Afghanistan.

They then topped it off with theatrics from Michael Welner -- who is a real piece of work all on his own. A bigger steaming pile of crap you may never come across than this trial and the lies forced from Omar and spewed by the prosecution. I can't imagine anything more shameful than the piling on they felt it necessary to do after extracting the false confession to justify their years of holding and abusing him in Guantanamo.
His lawyer kept repeating he would have pled guilty to the assassination of John F. Kennedy to not have to spend the rest of his life in prison. Kinda' makes you sick doesn't it?



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