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/ Monday, October 25, 2010 /
After all the hubbub looks like that may or may not be a deal for Omar Khadr. According to his lawyer the case is proceeding on Monday and there is no deal as of yet. Of course he could just be keeping tight lip as not to influence the odds makers. (Lotto Quebec has a line on everything)

Looks like some people are going to the polls. Prime Minister Harper announced three by-elections for Nov 29 in Manitoba and Ontario. (5 will get ya 10 that we'll be inundated in Tory attack adds come Monday morning)

There is an interesting (not sure if it's good interesting or bad interesting) article about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the New York Times. According to the article his latest batch of classified documents has caused him to live on the run, switching encrypted cell phones and such. Looks like he's our very own modern Abbie Hoffman minus the curly hair. (for the kids, Abbie Hoffman was a 1960's rabble rouser) Looks like people are upset that he included the names of Afghans working for the US, not ofter Amnesty International and the Pentagon agree. That is according to the NY Times article but when I checked the AI website there was no mention of a disagreement with the leaks and instead there was a call to examine the papers. Also from the Amnesty International  website is an post from September 13th warning of


The 60's Julian Asange

This clip is dedicated to Karl.

I saw this at CNNwebsite it looked interesting. A link the website



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