William Shatner Is Awesome!

/ Sunday, October 17, 2010 /
I love William Shatner. If that means you think I'm a nerd then so be it! Here's an ad he made for the Sierra Club that warns about the consequences of a rapidly warming planet and what can be done to change and stabilize the current dynamic: reduce our total carbon emissions by 2% each and every year until 2050. I understand that on a planet whose population is currently increasing at a rapid rate that this is more ambitious than it first sounds, but what is the alternative? Surrender and pass down to our children and grandchildren a world of "...drought, floods, disease and global strife?"

 That's where this all leads: wars for water, food, oil and mass migrations of a kind unseen before in modern history -- and if you don't believe me, go see what the US military thinks.

Un- Saintly Sunday

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The Conservative government is preparing for a national debate on health care finance and reform. Which I imagine is code for so long medicare, welcome to Canada  big US health insurance companies. 

In case there is any doubt as to where our beloved Prime Minister good old Steven Harper stands on the issue, he was President of the National Citizens Coalition from 1998 to 2002. What is the National Citizens Coalition? According to Wikipedia.

The National Citizens Coalition is a Canadian conservative lobby group. It was founded by Colin M. Brown in 1967 to oppose the concept of a national health care system. It supports privatization, tax cuts, and government spending cuts and opposes laws that limit spending by non-party organizations during election campaigns. It has been heavily involved in advertising, political campaigns and legal challenges in support of its goals of "more freedom with less government." 

A National Citizens Coalition billboard in downtown Toronto in 2003.

Another sweet little sunday night story, something to keep you up at night wondering what has become of us. A U.S.  who soldier allegedly killed three Afghan civilians for fun is facing a court martial with a maximum penalty of life in prison with no chance of parole. 

Specialist Jeremy Morlock is charged with premeditated murder in the deaths that occurred between January and May of this year.

Morlock is one of five soldiers charged with murder  and seven others are accused of trying to hamper the investigation. They are also being charged for drug use and the beating of a fellow soldier that informed on them. 

Last week charges were dropped against hundreds of concerned citizens arrested during the G20 meetings and now one infamous police officer, "Officer Bubbles" is suing YouTube for over a million dollars. I seems he doesn't  take kindly to some cartoons posted on the site that poked fun at his disposition. The cartoons were taken down but the incident that inspired them is still up.(he obviously has no sense of humour.)

Senator Al Franken oh so, not so, long ago..



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