Late Night Blogging

/ Saturday, October 16, 2010 /
Hello there! Late to the blog because it was a long and busy day. I wanted to follow up on the Omar Khadr story with what news I could find before the day ended. You can go see the PM Harper's "principled" reaction to news of a possible plea bargain here. There' nothing new of course. No acknowledgement of the fact that he was in fact a child soldier when he picked up off a battlefield by the Americans at the age of 15. Just the comment "he's charged with very serious crimes," while never mentioning that the only real proof of these so-called crimes comes from Khadr himself and was obtained under the extreme duress of torture. Such evidence of course would be thrown out of any court in Canada and the US except the military tribunal that Omar is being tried in.

 The Globe and Mail editorial board (hardly filled with crazed liberal hippies) state, in terms that can only be described as politic, that they believe the young man has suffered more than enough and deserves a chance to live his life.

Here's a list of places where the documentary about Omar Khadr is being screened in Canada over the next couple of weeks (hopefully more will be added soon). You can join Amnesty International's efforts to have Omar repatriated by signing their letter here or you can just e-mail the PM at



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