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/ Thursday, October 14, 2010 /
Canada gets one half-right as BPA Bisphenol A is declared toxic but not banned from use. This in spite of studies that show ...the plastic causes “adverse effects on animals” exposed at low doses, including biochemical changes in the central nervous system, effects on the immune system and enhanced susceptibility to breast cancer. Well, no problem then.

 A new study projects the impact continued global warming will have on Canada in the future -- called the Climate Prosperity Project (Yes, all government initiatives have Orwellian names) and it lays out the possible physical impacts (PDF) to the country at several different levels of warming. Completely fascinating and informative.

And while we're on the subject, it turns out that NASA is reporting January to September 2010 as the hottest year in the NASA dataset on record. The climate science deniers were touting the current Pacific weather-maker known as La Nina to be sure to cool things down but the planet-wide heatwave continues.

On the shores of Lake Huron millions of white plastic pellets have washed ashore. It's the latest installment of an ongoing environmental mystery that has baffled investigators and is threatening local wildlife.



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