Less Freedom In Newfoundland Is Less Freedom Everywhere -Chalk Up One For The Blackshirts

/ Thursday, September 30, 2010 /
In what is called an effort to stop drunk driving Newfoundland police will will be able to stop drivers without having to give a reason. (have to take the Habs flag off the car in case the officer is a Leafs fan.) The law in being amended because apparently the police are having trouble coming up with reasons to pull people over.

Government Services Minister Kevin O'Brien said"We brought that forward because the police were having a problem in regards to having a specific item to pull a driver over, had to be visual and if you didn't have a specific item to pull them over and they were impaired or under the influence of drugs, or whatever, there is a perception that it wouldn't hold up in court," O'Brien said Thursday. One would think that if a person was impaired they would be driving irrationally, hence a visual item. Not carte blanche to act out Leaf frustrations.

St John's criminal lawyer Bob simians said, "Right now for police to stop people, they have to have a justifiable objective cause. Why is that? Because if we don't have a reasonable rational reason for police to stop someone then the powers can be misused. That's the law as it presently sits," he said in June.

In it's unending battle against the Taliban and Al Qaeda U.S. government has increased its drone attacks inside Pakistan. Reminiscent of the U.S. governments insurgents into Cambodia in search of the Vietcong relations between Pakistan and the U.S. becomes more frayed by the day.

During one such strike coalition helicopters killed three members of the Pakistani border force. This was the fourth attack in Pakistan in the week. In retaliation Pakistan closed a vital supply route for used by NATO forces to get to the troupes in Afghanistan. 

The U.S.government not known for choosing the best of associates, General Augusto Pinochet, Saddam Hussein (off and on), Anastasio Somoza etc. there could be one more not so great bed fellow with the Pakistani army being accused of executing civilians. A video released on Wednesday, shot on a cell phone shows the shooting.



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