Slacker Saturday?

/ Saturday, September 25, 2010 /
If ever a day was meant for doing nothing it's the day that follows a week's long work. But since I'm on the treadmill as much as everyone else out there I have things to try and catch up on like my book, plans to syndicate my radio show, episodes of SCTV I missed this week and a blog post featuring really crappy economic news from down south, I thought maybe I should kick off with something funny. I stumbled upon videos mocking the Hipster crowd which made me laugh because I still haven't figured out who I'm supposed to be sneering at: The in crowd, the out crowd, or those so deliberately far out that they're the ones that are in, or the people who sneer at those posing as the out but they're in crowd, or those who sneer at those who are sneering at the in but they're out so they're in crowd, and so that makes those doing the sneering the in crowd... You can see my dilemma. Or ignore it and have yourself a laugh at "How to Seduce a Hipster:"

I found this video after watching something called the "Hipster Olympics," which was pretty funny and you can go watch here, or you can just click below and watch the comedians that they should have been crediting for the original idea of skewering the deliberately clueless amongst us:



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