Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Turn On Your Faucet

/ Tuesday, September 14, 2010 /
The World Energy Congress, being held in Montreal this week drew 3.500 participants to discuss the state of the industry.(If they could harness the hot air created during the speeches they could light up the city)

'Whether we like it or not, producing energy and delivering it to billions of customers around the world comes with certain risks. Rather than closing our eyes to that reality, we must confront risks and manage them.'—Peter Voser, Royal Dutch Shell CEO

The meetings also drew the ire of protestors that showed their displeasure by covering themselves in molasses. The demonstration organized by Greenpeace was aimed to put the focus on developing  clean and safe energy.

There was much talk at the conference and in Quebec about the potential fiscal benefits of natural gas.(natural gas, sounds so harmless, it's natural. It's gas and you drill for it, how is that natural?)

Some videos showing the results of the mining of natural gas. Un-natural gas might be a better name. (Natural gas is what happens after football chilli. GO Alouettes!)

The CEO of Shell says the risks associated with natural gas are worthwhile. I imagine they aren't drilling in his neck of the woods.

Time to climb into the Wayback Machine and join Peabody and Sherman as they try and find the missing fuss over the Afghan detainee issue.  Remember those heady days when the Harper government was about to fall and all seemed right with the world. (Maybe they can also find the ball the opposition parties dropped and seemed to have lost in the neighbours backyard.) To kinda quote Mr. Dumas the plot is thickening according to a story by the CBC. Canada's defence department has been conducting a probe into the conduct of Canada's top secret special forces unit known as JTF2 or Joint Task Force Two. The investigation which began in 2008 is investigating the units alleged role in detainee abuses. Not much is known about the units duties but it has been disclosed that they have been involved in high-risk operations against  the Taliban and al-Qaeda commanders.

Looks like the gun registry is all tied up going into the fourth quarter.Who will make the fadeaway jumper to beat the buzzer. NDP MP Malcolm Allen stated he would be voting pro registry making the declared support 151 to 151. The National Rifle Association is playing some pretty strong defence  lending their support and expertise to Canadian lobbies opposed to the registry. In 2000 the NRA paid $100,000 for an infomercial called, "The Canadian Situation" that was broadcast on a US network but could be seen in Canada. According to the NRA the registry is a veiled plot by the government to find and seize our guns. (As opposed to the NRA's  and Harper's veiled plot to turn us into American's)

The basketball analogy got me thinking, SWEET DREAMS EVERYBODY!

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