"The Coalition Monster Cometh!"

/ Wednesday, September 1, 2010 /
Seriously! To quote Stephen Harper, "Eeeeek! Beware the coalition!"

 After a long summer of his party putting their foot in it at every turn: disregarding how Canadians feel about their institutions, pretending to be for austerity while spending $16 billion dollars on a sole-sourced contract for fighter jets, $1 billion for a weekend's worth of security that gave Canada a black-eye around the world, and $10-$13 billion for new prisons when the crime rates are decreasing across Canada (if you don't count unreported crime that is), Stephen tells us he needs a majority. And we had better give it to him or, "Eeeek!" the parties to the left of him might form a coalition and then, "God have mercy on us all!"

Harper had this to say in Whitehorse just last week: "We as Conservatives are not focused on an election. But, friends, when an election does come, Canadians are going to face a pretty stark choice. The next election will be a choice between a Parliament with a majority made up of a Liberal-NDP-Bloc Quebecois coalition, or it will be a stable majority for our Conservative government."

If that's a sample of what he has in his arsenal for the fall I'm going to predict a November election.



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