Harper Panders To Far Right Under Vail Of Common Sense

/ Thursday, August 12, 2010 /
The Harper government plans on eliminating the penalty of jail for failure to fill out the census. Hidden under the vail of common sense is the further pandering of the far right by the Conservatives. Truly the only people objecting to the forms are the far right tea party types who fear the government is going to take there guns now that they know how many bathrooms they have to hide them in. With all the new jails being built you would think the government would jump at the chance to incarcerate all those un-censured. But then the government would be incarcerating  their constituency so they probably realized it's a bad idea. Not that they couldn't vote in jail but I wonder for how much longer. I'm pretty sure Mr. Harper would just love to follow the United States the land of freedom for all and take that right away. Even though upon ones release one has supposedly paid their debt to society some how that doesn't make you a full citizen. Such a bright sunny conservative future to look forward too.
Queen Elizabeth tries out 3D glasses during Toronto visit
Get your popcorn ready the CBC is going to be broadcasting a special on the Queen in 3D. Put September 20th on your calendar from all accounts it's going to be big, be sure to get your glasses early, two million free 3D glasses will be given out at a post office near you. With over 34 million Canadians there are going to be some unhappy royalists.

Similar footage but with a musical take on the historic events, one of my fave bands, The Men They Couldn't Hang



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