Canadain Government Donates Almost Six Cents Per Capita To Pakistan Flood Victims-U.S. Donates Seventeen

/ Wednesday, August 11, 2010 /
With the United States increasing aid to Pakistan to 55 million the Harper government on behalf of all Canadians is kicking down the mighty sum of  2 million, or about two hours of the G20 budget. Or according to Wikipedia there are 34,160,000 Canuks, divided by 2 million and I get 0.0585. If my math is correct thats nearly six cents each. I'd like to thank Mr. Harper for his generosity, I'm assuming I can use this as a charitable donation on my income tax next year. As a reference, using the same mathematical formula our neighbors to the south are donating almost eighteen cents per person. (now I feel kinda cheap, thanks Steven)

According to Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis it's because there are no major votes to be won by donating more. Mr. Karygiannis compared the disaster to that of Haiti where there are large block of potential votes in Montreal's Haitian community as opposed to the Pakistan community whose votes are diluted across the country.(personally I think Mr. Harper owed the Governor General big time for canceling Parliament and it was payback time. And I'm still waiting for my tax receipt for my donation Mr. Harper gave in my name for Haiti relief.) The Canadian government matched the 113 million donated by Canadians to aid Haiti. ($3.30 per Canadian) So far the Torries aren't matching donations given to Pakistan, even though it would probably help our soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. In absence of aid by the Pakistan government the Taliban is filling the void.
Pakistan floods affect 13.8 million people, third of Canada's population



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