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/ Monday, August 9, 2010 /
I was hoping the news would stop happening so I wouldn't have to blog during Karl's absence. Away  on his much needed vacation but alas no such luck, the world keeps turning.  Which brings us too our contest open to all, be the first to guess where Karl is and you can win a New Media and Politics T-Shirt.  Enter often its' a small world after all. (Karl and anybody with him on vacation is unfortunately disqualified from the contest)

Looks like Omar Khadr is finally getting his day in a military commission, for what ever that is worth. With the inmates running the asylum I doubt the warden would get a fair trial. Same works for a military commission where only two thirds have to agree on a verdict, (Henry Fonda need not apply) and evidence gathered by mean of coercion is admitted.(Prime Minister Harper take note, next step in Canada's revamped judicial system?) Did I mention the jury is made up of U.S. military officers, sounds fair and just to me or how many ways can you say a sexual act?

 I posted this months ago but thought is was fitting again, a link to a story in thestar.com suggesting the innocence of Omar Khadr.

In the left photo (1), Omar Khadr is hidden under rubble from a collapsed roof. In the upper corner is an unnamed combatant killed by U.S. forces. In the right photo (2), Khadr is lying face down (body is highlighted), with his head pointing toward the combatant’s body and two bullet wounds in his back.

How do you close a hospital in Truro Nova Scotia? Apparently you just have to show up with gunshot wounds. This hospital was closed for five hours Sunday after a man arrived with said wounds. The hospital was re-opened to the public when the wounds were discovered to be self-inflicted.

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