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/ Monday, August 2, 2010 /
Hello there! Preparing Tuesday's radio show and busily digging for Canadian news. Omar Khadr's lawyer is trying to halt the military tribunal and has filed an emergency petition to halt the upcoming trial to be held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 10. Toronto-born Khadr, now 23, has been held at the military prison since he was captured in 2002, at the age of 15, during a firefight in Afghanistan with U.S. soldiers. He faces five charges in connection with the incident, the most serious being murder of a U.S. special forces soldier.

The PMO, never ones to miss an opportunity, have decided that Russian jets straying into Canadian airspace are justification for $16 billion dollars worth of spending on new fighter jets. Truly, what horses***! Similar incidents occur 12 to 18 times a year and somehow Canada has survived. Defence Minister Peter MacKay was outraged at the allegation that his government is using a crisis to further its political interests. If manufacturing fake outrage was what Canadians looked for most in their politicians the Tories would be in office forever.

More census stupidity from the Conservatives is being reported by the Hill Times: The $30-million Industry Minister Tony Clement claimed the federal government set aside for a publicity campaign urging Canadians to fill out a voluntary version of the old long-form census next year is instead earmarked for additional resources to protect the integrity of the vital short form census from public confusion over the switch. Does that make even a modicum of sense? There's also a story about the morale at Statistics Canada being affected and the former head of StatsCan, Mr. Fellegi said the federal agency is "in crisis."

CSIS has ordered a comprehensive review of its dealings with detainees in Afghanistan amid questions about its role in torture conducting interrogations.

On the bright side, the long range weather forecast for Canada is a great August. Sounds like a fine idea. Talk tomorrow!



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