Aaaaand... We're Back! Harper Still a Wanker

/ Monday, July 19, 2010 /
Sorry to abandon my post for the weekend but it had to be done. My sanity and well-being were at stake. I've done my best to recruit a writer or two but to no avail. It's hard to blame anyone either -"Would you like to chronicle bad new for very little money and hardly any recognition?"

That might change in the not so distant future but for now that is an apt description of the gig. Mostly I do this in tandem with my radio show. The links I post here are the Canadian stories I'm talking about on weekday mornings and the environmental and American political stories I log and blog over at the sister site. Isn't it endearing when I share loads of personal information?

Okay, so the JFL Comedy festival just ended this past weekend in Montreal and it seem our PM has angered Cheech and Chong. Here's what Tommy had to say about our PM the ideologue: “I would tell Stephen Harper to let go of George Bush’s butt. Your head’s too far up there. Get your head out of his butt. He’s gone. George is gone. He’s history, Stephen.” Cheech and Chong are mad at our PM - it doesn't get worse than that!

While we're on the subject off just how big a wanker Stephen Harper is, let's look  at the census flap. apparently right-wingers go crazy when there's accurate information to base your political decisions on - just like south of the border reality is not their purview. So Harper panders - shocking! Of course by shocking I mean just more of the same from our PM.

Canadians aren't all that keen on how he wants to spend more of our money either - but then when you got into the PM's office with less than 30% of the national vote how hard do you have to work at pleasing voters? He certainly feels free enough to ignore the court's rulings on Omar Khadr. The linked article concludes and I agree, The vindictiveness and mean-spiritedness of the Harper government is a real threat to the supremacy of the rule of law and the inherent goodness of the Canadian people.

The Globe reporter John Ibbitson is not sure what the Liberals and Iggy hope to accomplish with the bus tour dubbed the Liberal Express, but it seems pretty strait forward to me: they're trying to remake him into a politician. By getting him out on the hustings so he can hear what people have to say and so he'll learn what he can say to move people. According to the latest Environics poll, there's only three points separating Iggy and Harper and if Canadians get fed up enough with the Harper right wing agenda being shoved down their throats at every turn Iggy may soon start to look pretty good as an alternative. There's also the prospect of an economic slowdown on the horizon and that would effectively end every last argument Harper could make for the Conservatives.
In good environmental news from British Columbia, a team of loggers and biologists works to undo the damage of decades of industrial-scale logging on Clayoquot Sound. In troubling news from Manitoba, provincial officials are on high alert for zebra mussels, one of the many nuisance species that invaded the Great Lakes and have recently found a home in the Red River in North Dakota. Their arrival spells big trouble for the natural ecosystem, not to mention the havoc they can cause to water pipes, hydroelectric dams and other infrastructure.



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