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/ Monday, July 12, 2010 /
Kind of in-between worlds today and so I'm late to the table. There continues to be all kinds of fall-out from the G20. More evidence of police brutishness was found over at Scott's Dia Tribes.

"This isn't Canada!" Good grief! Who the hell does that cop think pays his salary?

From over at Rabble.ca a story by Peter Marmorek that laments, "My Canada was a Free Country." You decide for yourself if it's hyperbole - I think there are valid points raised that all Canadians, at the very least those who witnessed the fiasco that we paid more than $1 billion dollars for, should be asking.

The Tories refuse to accept the Federal Court's ruling on Omar Khadr's right's being continuously violated. This is criminal! Canadian Newspapers aren't helping either.

There's all kinds of stuff on the environment and BP at the sister site.



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