Silly Season Descends - Will Canadians Notice?

/ Saturday, June 19, 2010 /
So the MP's have all gone home. Worked themselves to the bone for more than two straight months and away they went - some will come back for the summits but that's all just for photo-ops. In their wake they left the oversized omnibus budget Bill C-9, with provisions that have nothing to do with the country's finances, like for example, exempting commercial projects from rules designed to protect the environment - pretty short-sighted in light of the ongoing Deepwater Horizon disaster. There was an agreement on the thorny Afghan detainee document issue that provides the Tories with cover for policy that allowed the handing over of detainees to be tortured by Afghanistan's notorious NDS.

Sadly the opposition Liberals didn't seem to have the backbone to do the right thing on any of the major issues dealt with by Parliament in the short spring session - instead of opposing the budget themselves their not so super secret plan was to let the Senate deal with it which didn't work out as hoped. Hope is not a plan.

They were happy to criticize the insane costs for the summits, but in the grand scheme of things that's not going to affect Canadians in any great way, other than to make them more cynical. The Conservatives stance against abortion being included as part of maternal health care initiative that was designed to help women in developing nations was incomprehensible, and yet the Liberals didn't stand up to be counted or use it as a teaching moment. It withholds money from programs and people that desperately need it and it keeps in place policies that allow 2.5 million teenagers to have unsafe abortions in those same developing nations.

Unsurprisingly this lot can get no traction and inspires no one in Canada. Of course that doesn't keep them from talking about how great they are. Here's some e-mail addresses you can use all summer long - be polite but be firm.,,



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