Silly Season On Hold For Now

/ Thursday, June 10, 2010 /
The Canadian Political landscape is a lot more restive than it ordinarily is at this time of year. Maybe it's because three months of the year disappeared down a prorogue hole or maybe it's because the Tories are busily trying to cram their agenda down the throats of parliament just before the break and Canadians are taking notice or perhaps wanton spending on the upcoming summits have made Canadians suspicious of a government that claims it is fiscally conservative. Whatever the reason, things are in a state of flux it would seem.

There's the sneaking suspicion that the Liberals and the NDP are in merger/coalition talks in spite of all the denials to fuel public interest. Make of it what you will. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff dismissed the notion on Wednesday saying, “No one has any authorization to even discuss this matter. It's ridiculous. I am a Liberal. I am proud to be a Liberal. The people around me are Liberals. We are going to form a Liberal government.”

A string of seemingly endless polls that show the Tories incapable of getting beyond the threshold of 34-36% in national popularity - including the latest EKOS poll that suggests they would lose a bunch of seats in Ontario if an election were held today.

You know what Canada really needs? A politically right leaning network just like FOX! Well Quebec billionaire Pierre Karl Péladeau thinks so anyhow. They may even have landed their first news host, David Akin, the guy who falsely reported that Canadian icon Gordon Lightfoot had passed away. He sounds perfect for the job!

Lastly, so you'll go to bed tonight feeling confident that a disaster like the one in the Gulf could never happen here, the people at Chevron assure us  that it could never happen here by saying, "It could never happen here!" Well, there you have it then!



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