Tories Announce They Don't Like Progressive Coalition

/ Tuesday, June 1, 2010 /
After reading headlines like that I'm sure I could knock you over with a feather. Certainly that's how I feel when I read something that inane. Yet, there you have it. The Globe and Mail announcing the Tories hate the idea of the Grits and NDP forming a coalition to defeat them, rather than simply accepting Conservative rule. The nerve!

The Tories have their nice little niche in Canadian governance and are loathe to give it up. It's a farce and sooner or later it has to end. Nationally, two-third's of Canadian voters vote for progressive parties and policies, yet Canada is governed by slack-jawed conservatives whose idea of a good time is goading people on about abortion, stuffing unpalatable policies into budget bills and ignoring the environment as well as treaties Canada has
signed on to.

Their argument is that with the economy going so swimmingly, why would anyone want to get in the way of that? Well, for starters if the GDP is running at 6.1% growth for the quarter and you're not creating many new full-time jobs, then maybe GDP is no longer a pertinent statistic for working Canadians. Maybe it has meaning for the wealthy and corporate classes but that's not who's in need of jobs or even who pays the lion's share of collected tax revenues, so who cares?

Oh, and Brian Mulroney's a crook who owes Canada an apology and $2 Million dollars.



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