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/ Wednesday, May 12, 2010 /
Have been away for a couple of days and not able to make more than the occasional post. Was back in Montreal and on the radio today.

Here's some of the important stories going on in Canada beginning with the deadline on the Afghan detainee document handover being extended until this Friday. It should be noted a failure means the Conservatives will be in contempt of Parliment and, if the opposition has the stomach, it could trigger a snap election. And it's pretty much agreed by those in the know that the government could have done much more to protect the detainees from being tortured.

The tories just aren't into the whole democracy, transparency thing - kind of fascist buttholes they like to prove themselves to be time and again. In this case an aide to then Public Works minister Christian Paradis, Tognieri claimed he was censoring documents to save the "requester" money.

You know what they do love? Pretending they're the victims of a non-existent culture war. They also like to talk tough about law and order all the while avoiding the responsibility of protecting the rights of Canadian citizens. The victim here is the so-named "Prince of Pot," who will be extradited to the US to stand trial for selling marijuana seeds. Truly despicable! And they want to imprison people for growing 5 pot plants which is absurd and will tax the prison system as well as turn otherwise good citizens into criminals.

The judge will be ruling on the Syncrude killing the ducks with their unwatched tailings pond case any day now.



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