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/ Wednesday, May 5, 2010 /
Okay, new(s) feature here at NMPCanada and our sister site as well. A quick roundup of the day's links to important news stories and videos of concern to Canucks and our own sorry state of political affairs

Some of these stories got covered on my radio show and some I just didn't have time to get to. So many issues, so many outrages, so little common sense.

This story about the Tory Senator telling people who disagreed with gov't. policy on maternal healthcare for women in developing countries to shut the f**k up was unbelievable to me. Nancy Ruth is a disgrace and should be kicked out of the Senate. The Conservative's policy is reprehensible and should be rejected by all Canadians.

For some reason calls for Michaëlle Jean's term to be extended is greeted with calls of politicization of the GG. I don't see why. I was under the impression she had done a terrific job and that was reason enough - I never got the sense she tried to favour anyone politically. In fact it was she that allowed the Parliment to be prorogued twice at Stephen Harper's convenience.

From the trial (can you say, kangaroo court?) of Omar Khadr, we learn on Wednesday from Damien Corsetti, a former interrogator nicknamed Monster, that interrogators at Bagram prison were under great pressure to extract information and confessions from detainees and had a free hand to terrify detainees into confessing.

"We could do basically anything to scare the prisoners." Remeber if Stepher Harper would do nothing about repatriating Khadr there's a damn good chance he'd do the same for any of you.

Montreal Police trying to argue that because Freddy's brother was a gang member they had to shoot and kill Freddy.

Canadian conservatives not as dumb as their American counterparts and in the wake of Gulf oilspill are talking tough about not relaxing the rules on offshore drilling.

Caribou in the NWT's, disappearing at alarming rate for unknown reasons so a ban on hunting was imposed sparking rancor. Climate change considered a factor.



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