April 15, 2010

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A bit of a slow news day as all things Guergis seem to be dominating Canada's MSM. Make of it what you will, but she and her husband do seem to be arrogant and surly which probably is what makes it fun for Canadian journalists to cover. Her husband and former tory MP from Edmonton, Rahim Jaffer, was charged with possession of cocaine a few short months ago,a deal to plead to a lesser charge came about because of a police strip search and that fact he wasn’t allowed to speak to his own lawyer (or so reports in the media indicate - I was of the opinion it had something to do with the important persons act).  Anyhow, Helena says the charges of her using cocaine are "bizarre." http://bit.ly/boI64I They may or may not be true but all things considered, they are hardly bizarre. On the issue, the PMO is spinning it strangely http://bit.ly/b20Tp4

A story that says the Canadian military "subcontracted torture" to the Afghan security service and shot an unarmed 17-year-old man in the back of the head, alleges an Afghan-Canadian who worked as an interpreter for the Canadian armed forces in Afghanistan. http://bit.ly/9GCQMm And a reminder of Canada's connection with Kandahar's ruthless palace guard http://bit.ly/dk2pbW

Thankfully, the conservative Liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff has changed his mind about supporting Quebec's new user fees http://bit.ly/cwOqxB

To local Montreal news and our always reliable, racist constabulary! http://bit.ly/aHGAcf I make no apologies for all those in the force who do not fit this description. There are far too many Montreal police officers who behave or have behaved in this fashion and gotten away with it - are protected by the broherhood of the so-called thin-blue-line. Nothing is ever done about changing this dynamic and no one is ever punished, and so I am inventing a new term: professional profiling.  And I am professionally profiling them all as racists! How's that? At least no one gets pumelled or shot.

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