Canada Vying For Stool At Security Council

/ Monday, April 12, 2010 /
Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon  confirmed that Canada is actively campaigning for a seat on the UN's top governing body. The two year-term on the Security council would start in 2011. There are two seats available, Canada will competing against Portugal and Germany. The result will be made public in the fall of 2010.

Some Mondays Do Suck!

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Hey there, and welcome back! Hope the weekend and life were kind to you.

Canadian News

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your Government when it deserves it"...Mark Twain..

So, Canada's torries and military brass knew what was happening to Afghan detainees there can be no doubt Bondage, beatings and a few questions from the governor And yet Canadian military's top investigator says he was unaware of a Federal Court ruling that found there were "real and serious concerns" about the protection of Afghan detainees transferred to possible torture

Ah, Helena Guergis, awesome former minister at large, she's still an MP though Her husband's pretty awesome too Really, he's something else 

Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews warns pharmacies not to hold patients “hostage” in fight with the government over generic drug pricing.

Canadian Troops Part Of Congo Contingent

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The Canadian Military is vying to take command of the UN's largest peacekeeping mission. The UN already has 20,000 "blue helmets" in the country. The force would come from the already beleaguered Canadian troops just off their post in Afghanistan.



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