Will The Next Tommy Douglas Please Stand Up - The Old Tommy Douglas Can't Stop Rolling Over

/ Wednesday, December 29, 2010 /
The Conservatives and NDP are working on a plan to pass the next budget. They say there is nothing to be gained from an election. I guess that means there is nothing for them to be gained, Liberals taking away votes from the NDP and Fearless leader figures he can't get a majority. The NDP will play hard to get until they get bought with some tax break or such thing for somebody that in the end will never actually happen.(still waiting on that torture statement from that  government group of MP's, so I guess we tortured a whole bunch and they are chicken to say)

Speaking of mistreatment of prisoners I saw a whole bunch of top fellas from the RCMP got a pay bonus.

This is how Conservatives operate these days, spreading disinformation and lies as truths. This is the party that the NDP is haggling with, how can they? There is no Liberal proposed IPOD TAX yet you get this.

And then American news thinks its real, to be honest it's a Fox news station in Baltimore, and to think they won a Grey Cup.  Dig this little tidbit.

Speaking of Baltimore, got me thinking....




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