When We Did It, It Was OK- But Don't You Think About It- New North American Motto For The 21'st Century

/ Friday, December 10, 2010 /
If this story doesn't make you proud to be a Quebecer or a capitalist I don't know what will. It's good to see the Jean Charest Liberal government isn't going to let a few lives several thousand miles away get in the way of profit and votes. Even though asbestos is outlawed for use in North America, and the European Union, one minor  drawback, it's cancer causing. Anyway they got no problem selling the crap to the third world and are contemplating a huge loan to start up second mine. Quebec's only place that still mines asbestos.

Some protestors were in Montreal to point this out and I thank them for it. They wanted to meet Mr.Charest but he declined. The way I feel reminded of this clip.

A Swedish micropayment company, Flattr is accepting donations for Wikileaks.  Speaking of Wikileaks looks like Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin feels the west is being undemocratic in it's dealing with the situation. Do you see a theme building with these government leader types. Free speech is great as long is its done elsewhere, unless you agree with them of course, then your free to say anything you want and they'll fight to the death for your right to agree with them.

Get your passport,

Crank it up,

The last vid is dedicated to Wikileakers around, you know them by their wink.

The new motto works for everything, Immigration When we came here in wooden boats, killed and took over. it was OK - Mexicans and other foreigners not welcome, you might deplete our resources.

Oil- North American's buy gas guzzlers and SUV's-
       People in China and others countries want their turn - no sorry, it's bad for the environment, you have to be with us and save the world from the shit we caused.

etc etc etc

feel free to add your own in the comment section.

like I said, never felt more proud to be a Canadian.




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