No Penny- First Step To Cashless Society

/ Wednesday, December 15, 2010 /
Lots of talk of the news about getting rid of the beloved penny. Apparently it's the slacker friend that lives on your couch of coins. Oh my god it cost more to produce than its worth, than make a cheaper coin. Maybe thinner or plastic, if their so worthless than no worry about counterfeit. Until they prove themselves worthy of trust, if it's proposed by the government it's bad idea.

First they came for the pennies,
and I used nickels.
then they came for the nickels,
and I used dimes....
now all we use is a plastic card

A thought just went up four cents. And their saying no penny won't harm inflation, ya right. I have three or four thoughts a day, that's twelve to sixteen cents right there just adding to inflation, rising the cost of bread as I think. Madness!

Looks like Julian Assange will not get bailed out after all. (I don't know why he hid from the Swedes in Britain, the corner of a room would have sufficed. A joke only Don Cherry could love)

President Obama is preparing a strategy for Afghanistan. I think that means how they want the choppers flying away from the US embassy as Kabul falls to the Taliban filmed.


{ Gordie_Canuk } on: February 17, 2011 at 11:48 PM said...

Half cents, two cents pieces...this wouldn't be the first time a unit of currency was taken out of circulation.

Getting rid of it does make sense, so let's stop making cents. And while we're at it the nickel might as well go too.



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