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Here In Canada

The Tories break another promise and will spend only half of what they promised to encourage Canadians to fill out the 2011 short census and a new voluntary survey. It's galling but predictable and no doubt no will really take notice during the busy holiday season. The government is not interested in providing reliable information as that gets in their way of marginalizing the poor and aboriginals. Statistics Canada, once considered the most reliable and comprehensive source of information, relied on as a tool to respond to the needs and priorities of every Canadian has been eliminated, against the advice of experts across the country and abroad in the name of conservative ideology.

“Canadians unfortunately are going to be even less informed about this voluntary household survey, and in the end it's going to show in terms of the quality,” Liberal industry critic Marc Garneau said.
A former Conservative staffer Russell Ullyatt, who was fired for leaking a key pre-budget committee report told MPs Tuesday he had applied to work for all five of the lobbying firms who received his email leak. Just another Conservative trying to pull himself up by his unscrupulous bootstraps.

Here's a little something for the conspiracy theorists out there. One of Canada’s most secretive military units is headed to Roswell New Mexico, to be trained by Matrix International. They will refine their standard special-operations skills such as how to storm hijacked airplanes, how to parachute from aircraft, and how to fire and react to live ammunition. You'd think they already knew how to do some of those things. Wonder what they're really up to.

A Great Man Died On Monday

So Richard Holbrooke passed on Monday night and the accolades for his long and distinguished career poured in from all corners of the world so they must be true, right? Maybe not. Over at Stephen Zane takes a look at his career and finds lots of warts and boils. This includes a sordid history of supporting dictators, war criminals and military solutions to complex political problems.
Holbrooke is perhaps best known for his leadership in putting together the 1995 Dayton Accords, which formally ended the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Though widely praised in some circles for his efforts, Holbrooke remains quite controversial for his role. For instance, the agreement allowed Bosnian Serbs to hold on to virtually all of the land they had seized and ethnically cleansed in the course of that bloody conflict.

While the U.S. continues to look for ways to prosecute Julian Assange, the Columbia School of Journalism staff have taken it upon themselves to write President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder an open letter that states:
“While we hold varying opinions of Wikileaks’ methods and decisions, we all believe that in publishing diplomatic cables Wikileaks is engaging in journalistic activity protected by the First Amendment” and that “as a historical matter, government overreaction to publication of leaked material in the press has always been more damaging to American democracy than the leaks themselves.”
Seems about right.

In direct contrast may I point your attention to the whores over at CNN, specifically Don Lemon who in an interview with CIA analyst Ray McGovern says:
You really think we --- and I'll say we, I'm a journalist --- you really think we have it wrong and that he is actually not a pariah and we should be praising him and following his lead rather than calling him a pariah?
There's more than a couple of things wrong here. First, in no way shape or form has the obsequious Don Lemon ever resembled a journalist. He's never asked a difficult question nor done anything but toss softballs in his interviews with establishment figures. He conducts no investigations himself and merely reads directly from the script his corporate bosses feed him. Secondly, while many in the U.S. government have been assailing Mr. Assange, there are people around the world who have praised him and others have openly demonstrated on his behalf. So casual observation should have given Lemon some sort of clue that in fact Assange is no pariah in spite of what his bosses at CNN say. Lastly, while the interview Lemon conducts is taking place, underneath CNN was running the chyron, Assange: Journalist or Terrorist?

How in the world do they conflate someone who publishes documents in the hope of providing transparency to the political process to murderers? Because that is what terrorists are after all.




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