The GOP/Teaparty Legislative Agenda

/ Wednesday, December 29, 2010 /
Can't wait for 2011? Looking forward to Obama confronting the real enemy and standing up for progressive causes? Think again -- the Republicans have new and dirtier tricks up their sleeves than mere obstruction and demagoguery. But if pulling some obscure law out of their arses was their main weapon in their coming assault on on the middle-class and decency you could probably sleep easy. Sadly it's not.

Over at Alternet, Isaiah J. Poole lists ten ways the Republic Party intends to screw the American people for their bankster friends and corporate masters. This includes repealing health care reform, dismantling medicare, undoing the minimalist financial reform bill, bring about the end of Social Security, defunding Public Education, ramping up their support for big oil, killing green jobs, prevent the government from supporting job creation programs and slash infrastructure spending.

 As a reader of this blog you're probably aware of most of these items on the GOP/Teaparty legislative agenda but seeing them all together is bracing. Democrats and anyone else who doesn't want to see the best parts of the 20th century repealed better be ready to fight these measures themselves and not rely on those who live and work inside the beltway.

Things sure have gotten crazy south of the border. The trick now is to keep it there. Harper's agenda is no different, only his tactics are.




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