Bolivia Rocks

/ Tuesday, December 14, 2010 /
Just noticed the part about Bolivia in Karl's post,way cool. They should be in charge of the world. And they just lowered the retirement age to 58 from 65. Of course when ever I hear Bolivia I think of murderous CIA bastards, and all the evils the US has done in Central America, tomorrow is BAN BANANA REPUBLIC DAY.(Please Mr. Harper honour the day and step down) And all that stuff in the 80's, imperialist bastards. Kinda like the 80's all over again, except no Dead tour (w/Jerry) to regain sanity.

Maybe a little predictable, but hey it's just so 80's, one aspect anyways.

Living in Quebec this is a story I can relate too. There is a big telecom scandal in India, the government or parts there of seem to be quite hip to the idea of lining their pockets. Although they got caught so I guess they still got a few bugs to work out. The bad thing though is the government is taking the blame and there are enough unstable governments in the region at the moment. Lets hope they can bribe enough people so the whole thing goes away.

After seeing all that President Bush did for the hurricane Katrina victims President Hugo Chavez must have felt inspired, it seems he's giving up his home so flood victims have a place to stay. (take the cue Mr. Harper and move out to give the unemployed a place to live)

Office Bubbles Christmas greetings....

Sanity Time- Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile




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