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/ Wednesday, December 8, 2010 /
Trying to do right by my radio show and this blog at the same time is consuming which is okay by me or I wouldn't do it. My problem is I'm afraid of being redundant when I finally get to story that's a couple of days old so far as the Canadian Progressive blogosphere goes because there's very little that doesn't get covered and linked to there. One such story was probably pointed out to me by someone in the community and I can't let it pass without mention. It's a story that should inspire headlines about G-20 police brutality coast to coast but it didn't even merit mention in my local Montreal fishwrap today:

 TVO's Steve Paikin told the public safety committee probing the tactics surrounding the G-8, G-20 he was watching a “peaceful protest” on The Esplanade in downtown Toronto on the evening of June 26 when he witnessed the man reporting for England’s Guardian newspaper being pummeled by police.

“One officer held one arm, The other officer held the other arm and a third officer came up to him and basically told him to shut up three times, punched him in the stomach. He doubled over. The same officer brought his elbow down on the small of his back and flattened him. It seemed to me that that was a massive overreaction to try and check to see whether somebody was who he said he was.”
From Alberta a story about the tar sands and how Environment Canada has not acted on its own internal recommendation to increase its monitoring of oilsands pollutants in Wood Buffalo National Park, the federal environment commissioner Scott Vaughan, who tabled a report Tuesday in the House of Commons, said today. And in an audit he tabled Tuesday in the House of Commons, he accused the government of failing to take action at home to combat climate change as well as failing to develop a federal strategy for adapting to the impacts of climate change.

 Jean Charest took the opportunity at Cancun to try and shore up his poll numbers by pointing out that he disagrees with Stephen Harper's position on Global warming and his opposition to Ottawa's negotiating position, calling for a clear commitment to extend the Kyoto Protocol.

While we're talking about Cancun, Japan, Russia and Canada have dealt a blow to the conference by opposing a renewal of the Kyoto Protocol unless the United States and China sign onto a new accord. On Monday China offered for the first time to submit its voluntary carbon emissions target to a binding U.N. resolution, buoying climate talks where Bolivia accused rich world policies of causing "genocide."

Hopefully it's not too late to start taking action. Over at Joe Romm's blog, he's reprinted a Yale e360 report written by J.E.N. Veron the former chief scientist of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, on the state of the world's coral reefs and how they may disappear in our children's lifetime!

Need yet more proof that Global Warming is taking place? Navy’s oceanographer tells Congress, “the volume of ice as of last September has never been lower…in the last several thousand years”




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