/ Thursday, November 11, 2010 /
There are a host of things to be recalled and remembered on this day foremost among them is that we've learned nothing from a century filled with brutal and murderous wars. This week in Canada, during what should be a week of remembrances for past folly and the numerous sacrifices made by Canadian men in uniform, to the protests of no one, the Canadian government trotted out the likely extension of the mission in Afghanistan. In spite of the fact that no one can say what success in Afghanistan would look like and unlikelihood of whatever that was being achieved, without fear of any consequences the Tories march out mission creep. This speaks to the complacency and apathy of Canadians and let me not forget to mention that the Liberals have their fingerprints in this as well.

 The Canadian public seems to have little interest in scrutiny on this issue perhaps because of their long and tacit endorsement of this mission in the first place, or perhaps the propaganda about the importance of not wasting the efforts of the soldiers has taken hold. Whatever the reasons, they are wrongheaded and little is being accomplished in Afghanistan. Their lives haven't improved in any measure and as far as ending the insurgency goes, it's a military version of whack-a-mole as the pressure has been increased in the south the Taliban has moved to northern and eastern parts of Afghanistan.

So, there we are on Remembrance Day 2010, still in a shooting war on the other side of thee planet for no good reason that I can discern and we'll be there for some time as those who wish to see a forever war continue to get their way. Here are some great tunes that speak more eloquently than I could to the price we pay for war:




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