Rememberance Week

/ Monday, November 8, 2010 /
 Of course the weekend's veterans protests were planned well in advance for Remembrance week giving the Tories ample time to prepare a response that wouldn't alienate the majority of Canadians. So with time on their side they responded well in advance so as to tamp down criticism of their treatment and the compensating of injured veterans. A bunch of promises have been made about flexibility and different types of payouts and that all will be made right so far as the compensation goes, but the lump sums will continue the office of Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn has made clear.

 For those who don't have an understanding of what happens with lump sum payments and why this kind of compensation for injuries suffered on the battlefield is massively unfair to veterans, it's as simple as the money just generally runs out and depending on the individual, sometimes quite rapidly. There are other factors in the equation like PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), depression, alcoholism, drug use and the inability to re-adjust to civilian life. As the man who has become the face of veterans fight for fairer treatment, Sean Bruyea says,  “We’re a country that’s based on fairness and equality. We’ve sent soldiers to fight for those values, to die for those values, why are we not treating all soldiers fairly and equally? Why are we not providing for all of them?”

That's a damned good question and it needs answering but how many have even heard the question let alone understood it? It's a terrible thing that we can send our armed forces into a war on the other side of the planet for reasons that are still unclear, with no description of what the success of the mission would look like and hardly anyone ever gives it a moments thought back here at home. But then to not take care of them when they return is unconscionable.

To top off remembrance week, the government announced a plan just today that will likely see Canada keep one thousand troops in Afghanistan past the July 2011 pull out date for training purposes. Maybe we can teach them how to pass the buck more effectively or how to hand over detainees to the NDS and never question what happens afterwards.

Here's some Rememberance Day music:

For me the day is as important a one as there is on the calendar. It should serve as a reminder that war in general and WW I in particular was a meat grinder, a maw that chewed up and spat out the lives of an entire generation of young men. In the end it was for nothing like all wars, and the treaty signed to bring about its' end served as a catalyst for the next worldwide conflagration.




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