Post Remembrance Day Post

/ Friday, November 12, 2010 /
(Anja Niedringhaus/Associated Press)
There is an interesting article on the CBC website quoting retired general Rick Hillier saying that it will be easy in theory to say the troops will be training in non-combat situations but in practice it will not be so cut and dry. (why am I not surprised )

The Anti-terrorist head quarters in Pakistan was attacked on Thursday killing twenty people and injuring one hundred.

The G-20 is meeting in Seoul, trying to figure how to fix the mess they made while pretending they get along. (with any luck Prime Minister Harper will fall in love with Korean cooking and decide to immigrate)

Anyways enough seriousness it's almost the weekend, time to get up and go out knowing your Prime Minister is several thousand miles away.  Is it just me or doesn't the air just smell better.

One more vid for good luck, of the craziest cat around.




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