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/ Saturday, November 27, 2010 /
Norman Spector believes that if the NDP want Canadians to hear what they have to say, they should get the hell out of Ottawa. This would be sage advice for the Liberals as well. None of the opposition parties messaging seems to rise above the din and in some cases goes unreported. What else is wrong with the Liberals? Funny you should ask 'cause Robert Silver has an idea or two and links to three articles that all beg the question  "what is wrong with the Liberals?" I disagree with them all -- I think a modicum of spine would go a long way. I'm also starting to think liberals should stop being willing to compromise until after we've seen real change. Does that make me shrill?

 Word is Iggy doesn't mind his junk being touched in airport screenings -- it may be because he's a bit numb there after two steady years of being kicked in the nads by the Conservatives.

The smell of corruption wafts in our general direction from Ottawa but so far we've only one man's word. Mustn't jump to conclusions -- except of course the opposition Liberals did. Good theatre perhaps but lousy politics if there turns out there's no corroborating evidence. There was a run on a B.C. mining stock that has prompted securities investigators to see if there was a leak of confidential information from inside the government that triggered the sell-off.

Corruption does seem to be rife in Quebec where Charest survived a non-confidence vote this week.

A holy crap! moment brought to you by four fascist members of the Ottawa police force who kicked, then forced a woman to the ground and then strip-searched her after she was arrested on Rideau Street for public intoxication — a charge stayed by Justice Richard Lajoie of the Ontario Court of Justice in a verbal ruling issued Oct. 27. Lajoie ruled that while the accused had been drinking when she was arrested, there was "no evidence that Ms. Bonds was a threat to herself or anyone else" and so there was no grounds to detain her.

Jack Layton wants to see wealthy tax cheats pay their fair share. Stephen Harper's friends probably won't be very amenable.

The Conservatives believe what the country needs is a PR campaign to sell Canada on their $16 billion dollar sole-sourced purchase of F-35 jets that Canada doesn't need as much as it needs improvements to health care. But why should Stephen care? He can always turn to the Senate to get his way.




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