The Most Expensive Trip In The History Of The World

/ Sunday, November 7, 2010 /
According to Tea Party Republican Michelle Bachmann President Obama is spending 200 Million dollars a day on his trip to India! I find it hard to believe she won and hopes to be a leader in the house when she doesn't speak the truth. But then it could make her the perfect candidate.

Ms. Bachmann has the same look as NOMAD in the Star Trek episode when Mr. Maher as her a question. I couldn't embed it but the link is

According to the Huffington Post the agreements signed in India could create 50 000 new jobs.

Looks like not all of the Canadian soldiers will be leaving  Afghanistan in 2011. The Harper government is considering extending the mission of several hundred soldiers in  "non-combat" positions.

Time to forget all that and enjoy the Sunday night  video time with two of the greats.

Have a great week, don't forget to change your smoke detector battery.




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