Late Halloween Sunday Monday Wrap

/ Monday, November 1, 2010 /
I was heading home from Experiencing Jimi Hendrix and I hear on the radio that Omar Khadr is sentenced to forty years (a symbolic Halloween gesture-I think thats also how long the Americans plan on staying in Iraq), the Democrats want to give President Obama the boot and it was friggin snowing.  Looks like sanity hasn't been restored.

It's always Halloween somewhere so here are some vids  that go bump in the night.

Maybe my own little horror story, unfortunately more fact than fiction.

There once was a country that was timid and nice.
Then everybody woke to find it was not the same place.
It seems there was a new leader with a sinister face.
He smiles and smirks and acts with no grace.
Sir Steven his name, evil is his game.

He spoke with venom that made everybody deaf, dumb and stupid.
With no one to stop him he he ruled and ruled(although only one third of the population actually voted for him). The people looked for a champion and Mike the I stepped up,"saying I can stop him but first I have to find my way and maybe my balls, I seem to have lost them sometime last fall."

And so the people waited, and waited and waited for Mike the I to find his balls and end this bad dream.

This seems like a metaphor for Canada politics. Charlie is Mike, Lucy is Stephen and I guess we're the foot ball. seems like a can't embed it. Here's the link

Something to wash away all the bad dreams.




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