Hard Ball Politics Or Don't Drink The Brown (Radioactive) Tea

/ Tuesday, November 16, 2010 /
Looks like we'll be finding out the details of the "non-combat" role the army will be doing in Afghanistan on Tuesday. According to the CBC there will be 950 military personal helping out  until the 2014 (if they don't extent the mission again) or when the cows come home, or the Leafs win the Stanley Cup which ever comes first.

With the release of pro-democracy leader Aung Sung Suu Kyi (pronounced souki like the Montreal Expos first mascot) looks like things are getting touchy between the Burmese military and Karen rebels. The two groups seem to be on a collision course since the elections held earlier this month. Burmese rulers cancelled voting in more than  3,000 villages, denying 1.5 million people the opportunity to vote.

Suu Kyi was freed from house arrest on Saturday and now walks a tightrope between speaking her mind and the fear of the consequences, "I'm not scared. I know that there is always a possibility. Because they have done that in the past, they might do it again," she said. "My attitude is that I will do as much as I can while I am free and if I am re-arrested I'll do as much as I can under arrest."

The United States and its NATO allies are finishing up the details on setting up a missile defence shield over Europe. Going old school, build up a wall, build up a wall! (not counting the ones along the Mexican or Israeli borders) The plan will be discussed during a NATO summit being held in Lisbon over the weekend. Speaking of NATO they certainly have a liking for irony, during the summit they plan on asking Russia to take a larger role in Afghanistan. Their hoping to get 20 transport helicopters to provide training to Afghan pilots. (Seeing a Russian helicopter flying over Afghanistan is sure to bring back some fond memories, those were some  good times. The Taliban died fighting on our side you know. YOU CAN WIN A NMPCANADA T-SHIRT IF YOUR THE FIRST  TO GUESS WHAT SONG I PARAPHRASED THE LAST SENTENCE FROM) 

Speaking of Russia I was wondering if Mr. Putin has a video or book on playing hard ball politics. Iggy could maybe borrow it from the library. 

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