Canadians Get Burned While Ignatieff Fiddles- North And South Korea Have Artillery Exchange

/ Monday, November 22, 2010 /
Looks like we have an opposition after all, Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe will be calling for a vote in the house of commons concerning the extension of the mission in Afghanistan. (One good thing about being in Afghanistan for so long I can spell it now no problem. Now we just have to invade Kasikstan.)

I found a copy of President Karzai's speech from Lisbon,(wicki leaks don't got nothing on me) this is my fave part,

In this regard, we look forward to our international partners fulfilling their commitments of the London and Kabul Conferences to channel 50% of resources through the Afghan government and to aligning the use of all resources around Afghan priorities.

Constitutionally, our State is unitary, so we ask that the resources your governments contribute to our common effort be provided in a manner that strengthens Afghan government, reinforces our sovereignty, and advances the success of our State.
We appreciate NATO’s comprehensive approach in Afghanistan, where the campaign against terrorism goes hand in hand with development assistance. However, parallel aid systems raise significant issues of accountability and efficiency, whereas national programs can build institutions and allow for public participation. We therefore ask our partners to join us in expanding existing national programs and in designing new ones. We must particularly work together to ensure that provincial transitions are guided by a coherent national approach. Our security institutions are still modestly equipped. Ensuring enablers and trainers for our police and armed forces is therefore essential to the success of transition.

We have long been concerned about the unintended adverse consequences of international contracts on our economy, politics and society. We welcome the review of NATO contracts and commitment to the policy of “Afghan First”. Giving preference to the Afghan private sector will have major positive effect in
harnessing the market as a force of stability. Providing Afghanistan with market access to ISAF/NATO countries can also boost peace and prosperity. As the transition succeeds, reinvesting the dividend into the creation of opportunity for Afghan citizens will be welcome.

I believe thats government talk for, "just deposit the aid money directly in our Swiss Bank Accounts."
A link to the whole speech: 

I was thinking about all the hassles of flying lately and I discovered an alternate mode of air travel, enjoy the ride

STOP THE PRESSES: NEWS ALERT : HIDE UNDER THE DESK TIME; Just got Tweeted by the  NY Times and they are telling me that North and South Korea have exchanged dozens of artillery shells. Local news(South Korean I assume but cannot confirm) says more than 80 rounds. Updates to follow.




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