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/ Monday, November 22, 2010 /
By the time Monday shows up there's usually a whole raft of important stories being ignored by the various media in favour of the more sensationalist or celebrity related news (caution!). That doesn't even count news about the hypocritical Palin and the rest of her clan which is now a whole separate industry. Barbara Bush for one, wishes she would just go away.

 Still, occasionally an important story breaks through the vapidity as is the case with the story about the thawing of the permafrost that is under way in Siberia and the negative affect the resulting release in methane could have on the speed with which global warming takes hold of the planet. Methane (CH4) is a greenhouse forcing gas 25 or so more times more powerful than CO2 and there are 1.5 trillion tons of carbon locked inside the frozen earth. Most of the greenhouse modeling done to date does not even include this major warming factor.

There's a story getting some play in the media about the Republicans obstructing the NEW START treaty with Russia that is critical to securing loose nukes and monitoring Russian nuclear weapons. In short it's important to the overall security concerns of the US but that seemingly is not as important to Republicans as their hatred for Obama.

For a little bit of fun, here's some Keith Olbermann back doing his worst Person In The World Segment featuring the vicious madman who runs fox news and some other idjits and he also has a few words for John Stewart:

A couple of people who are no doubt likely to be featured on Keith's show in the near future are the insane Michelle Bachman, who was recently busy calling Obama anti-American in an interview with the BBC,  newly elected wingnut Allen West who has a bizarre and violent past and his most recent media enabler David Gregory of Meet the Press. The media sinks to new lows every weekend!

And in a 'dog bites man' kind of story, the polluters at BP still evil and couldn't give a crap about the environment -- seems they've done some of their best work in the pristine wilderness of Alaska.




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