William Shatner Is Awesome!

/ Sunday, October 17, 2010 /
I love William Shatner. If that means you think I'm a nerd then so be it! Here's an ad he made for the Sierra Club that warns about the consequences of a rapidly warming planet and what can be done to change and stabilize the current dynamic: reduce our total carbon emissions by 2% each and every year until 2050. I understand that on a planet whose population is currently increasing at a rapid rate that this is more ambitious than it first sounds, but what is the alternative? Surrender and pass down to our children and grandchildren a world of "...drought, floods, disease and global strife?"

 That's where this all leads: wars for water, food, oil and mass migrations of a kind unseen before in modern history -- and if you don't believe me, go see what the US military thinks.




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